FAES designs and manufactures belt conveyors, redler, screw conveyors, bucket elevators , conveyor feed, apron conveyors, walking floor, slag extractors, scraper conveyors, launchers, etc …

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Plant Systems

  • Plant systems for storing, extracting, lifting and conveying detergents
  • Plant systems for conveying powders, with mixture drum
  • Plant systems for conveying, storing and moving compost
  • Plant systems for conveying, weighing and loading urea trucks
  • Plant systems for conveying and grading complex fertilisers
  • Plant systems for filling, weighing, packaging and extracting big-bags
  • Plant systems for conveying and recuperating non-ferrous metals
  • Plant systems for loading rotary kilns
  • Plant systems for conveying incinerator ashes and sludge
  • Plant systems for conveying boiler and electro-filter ash, storing it in silos, extracting and damping it

  • Plant systems for general conveying of loose and raw materials
  • Plant systems for pneumatically conveying, storing, lifting, weighing and loading vehicles with powders in general
  • Plant systems for conveying and lifting pressed pulp
  • Plant systems for storing, extracting, lifting and conveying white sugar
  • Plant systems for rendering industrial sludge and powders inert
  • Plant systems for emptying and conveying big bags
  • Plant systems for accumulating salt
  • Plant systems for pneumatic conveying
  • Plant systems for extracting, weighing, conveying and sifting soil
  • Plant systems for conveying sugar beet
  • Plant systems for atex areas



  • Belt Conveyors
  • Scraper Conveyors
  • Slag Extractors
  • Bucket Elevators
  • Screw Conveyors
  • Apron Conveyors
  • Reedler
  • Walking Floor
  • Parallel Wire Screen
  • Accessory


Agent for European countries.
We are looking for someone with experience in the field with which to establish a cooperative relationship for the sale of our products in European and non-European countries.
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